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by ONEMINT, on 7/10/19 10:00 AM

Recruiting the best employees and developing their skills and knowledge are critically important for your organization’s success, but if you’re not planning for future staffing needs, you’re missing an opportunity …

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Topics:Succession Planning Management Features

by ONEMINT, on 6/25/19 1:25 PM

You’ve identified the cost savings that can be realized from a new payroll solution, and now it’s time to create a compelling argument to present to leadership. From staying abreast …

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by ONEMINT, on 6/18/19 1:46 PM

When it comes to time, there never seems to be enough. Just ask any administrative employee — once you finish processing one payroll cycle another one starts. There’s year-end processing …

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Topics:Human Capital ManagementPayroll

by ONEMINT, on 6/11/19 1:37 PM

A successful implementation starts with a strong partnership — a partnership that inspires the project team’s full engagement and empowers everyone to understand goals, success criteria, and project timelines, and …

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Topics:Human Capital ManagementImplementation

by ONEMINT, on 5/30/19 1:30 PM

Employees’ daily experience of their workplace directly contributes to whether they are engaged and willing to put in that voluntary discretionary effort. If they feel they are being valued and …

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Topics:ProductivityEmployee EngagementEmployee Experience

by ONEMINT, on 5/20/19 4:06 PM

Talent is scarce and labor costs have been rising. With global expansion and Baby Boomers beginning to exit the workforce, HR leaders need new ways to attract top talent to …

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Topics:Human Capital ManagementHuman Resources

by ONEMINT, on 4/29/19 1:15 PM

We are currently at an interesting point in history, one where five generations of employees are working side by side. With people living and working longer, companies are being challenged …

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Topics:Human Capital ManagementEmployee Experience

by ONEMINT, on 4/23/19 3:13 PM

Having a responsive employee experience is one of the most effective steps you can take to provide the level of flexibility and consumer-grade usability that your employees expect, boosting their …

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Topics:Employee EngagementEmployee Experience

by ONEMINT, on 4/16/19 1:55 PM

Is it me, or does every day seem to fly by so fast? We all experience a 24-hour day while juggling work and life priorities with our physical and mental …

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by ONEMINT, on 4/9/19 2:19 PM

Delivering a consumer-grade, responsive HR experience to your employees is a must-have in today’s competitive employment environment. With a diverse workforce that includes remote employees, contractors, gig workers, and more, …

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Topics:Employee ManagementHR FeaturesMobile

by ONEMINT, on 4/2/19 7:00 AM

You work Monday through Friday from 9 - 5, and established certain routines for your role. After several months, those routines may lead you to boredom (also known as "hedonic adaptation") because …

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by ONEMINT, on 3/26/19 1:36 PM

What is Mobile Workforce Management? Mobile workforce management (MWM) is a category of software and related services used to manage employees working outside the company premises; the term is often …

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by ONEMINT, on 2/26/19 7:00 AM

Many organizations are faced with a “do more with less” mandate, which extends to their staffing. Tight budgets are getting even tighter, and staffing and resources are being impacted, which …

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by ONEMINT, on 2/15/19 2:45 PM

It’s not always intentional, it’s hard to detect, and it requires diligence and oversight to eliminate, but time theft is among the largest hidden costs to any business. By definition, …

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Topics:Time & Attendance Features

by ONEMINT, on 1/30/19 10:34 AM

With skill shortages stifling productivity and growth, the last thing manufacturers need is a disengaged workforce. A truly engaged workforce is key for attracting and retaining the best talent in …

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