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3 Business Challenges Mobile Workforce Tools Help You Overcome

3/26/19 1:36 PM

What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile workforce management (MWM) is a category of software and related services used to manage employees working outside the company premises; the term is often used in reference to field teams.

Presently, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone, up from 35 percent in 2011. Considering the many ways people use their cell phone for everyday interactions and transactions, it’s vital that business applications move to mobile technology. Mobile workforce management solutions can quickly solve your key business issues — as well as issues you didn’t even know you had.

Employee Engagement

Employees are your organization’s most vital (and typically most expensive) asset, and when they’re disengaged and/or disenfranchised, the ripple effects across the business can impact your profitability and branding. Yet, according to the Gallup Daily tracking survey on employee engagement, less than one-third (31.5 percent) of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014, and that percentage was even lower for millennials (28.9 percent) — an alarming statistic given the importance of your workforce in fueling growth and meeting other key business goals.

When employees have the ability to access the information they want at the time and place of their choosing, they tend to feel valued and treated fairly — and are more likely to give extra discretionary efforts to your organization. Essentially, by giving your employees more freedom, you gain more control. Find a mobile solution that let's your employees:

  • Clock in and out
  • Communicate preferred shifts and availability
  • Check schedules
  • Adjust availability and preferences
  • Swap shifts
  • Communicate with peers and managers
  • Track tasks
  • Submit and approve time-off requests
  • View pay and benefits information

Get all this and more with our guide "How Our Mobile Solutions Solve Your Key Business Challenges"

Managing Off-Site and Field Employees

According to a 2013 study, the average user checks their phone about 150 times a day. At this number, it’s no wonder 73 percent of people feel panicked when they misplace their phone. Users today rarely leave home without their mobile device, and for users who work in the field, having their smartphone with them has become even more important — especially when access to a computer is limited or nonexistent.

Why make your employees go into the office if they don’t need to? With mobile solutions that allow field and off-site employees the same deep functionality available on their desktop or laptop, employees are prepared to address quick and easy tasks wherever they are, whenever they need. In turn, this leads to increased productivity and greater visibility into the mobile workforce while eliminating the time and expense of manually inputting hours for field and off-site employees. Here are some of the mobile workforce management features that give your employees this visibility:

  • Edit and approve timecards
  • Check schedules
  • View accruals
  • Track time to various jobs/activities
  • Communicate with peers and managers
  • View pay and benefits information

Visibility and Cost Savings

For many organizations, labor represents a large portion of operating expense. In manual or semi-automated workforce management environments, labor could account for an even larger percent of operating expense simply due to the added time and resources needed to accomplish manual tasks. Even more critical, supervisors and managers are flying blind — as they lack the visibility and high quality information provided by a fully automated workforce management system. And you can’t control what you can’t see.

HR departments reach 51% more employees when they invest in self-service, mobile, and help desk solutions.

Mobile workforce management solutions can enable you to easily see and rapidly respond to workforce management issues in real time, especially when your workforce is on the go. By leveraging these mobile workforce solutions, managers and employees don’t have to wait to use a PC or run to a back office to correct an issue; they have the power to get the answers they need right away, which means less time looking for answers and more time focusing on tasks that are critical to your organization’s success.

  • Resolve exceptions instantly
  • Approve timecards on the go
  • Receive alerts when a problem arises
  • Submit and approve time-off requests
  • Swap a shift with a coworker
  • Request an open shift or request someone to take a shift
  • Change availability

Mobile Adoption

Today's workforce is more mobile than ever, which is why today's businesses need to adopt mobile friendly solutions. This adoption is the first step in creating a unified human capital management experience across all devices, ensuring that anyone in your organization can meet their human capital management needs anytime and anywhere those needs arise. 

The question is: Are you leveraging the advantages of mobile technology to manage your workforce, gain and maintain a competitive advantage, and realize your business goals?


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