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3 Employee Engagement Approaches for the New Year

Kendrah Wick
1/3/18 2:22 PM
2018 Management Tactics for Employee Engagement

The New Year is here and if your company is like most, then your employees are just coming back after a busy holiday break. For some it can be easy to jump start their team with goals and the dangling-carrot of the successful year to come. However, for other owners, managers and CEOs, it may take a little more to get employees back in the groove. Engaged employees only make up about 29% of the national workforce, according to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace Report. They attribute this to company culture and the employee's lack of engagement in that culture.

So how do you establish a company culture that keeps employees engaged? There is a plethora of opinions and programs for this and there are also some cool employee engagement platforms that can assist with incentivizing, interacting and educating your employees to keep them involved and committed.

1. Incentivize

Since the dawn of the daily grind, employers have been offering their staff incentives, like money, gifts and even trips to encourage solid work effort. Today there are systems that can do it for them, like Motivosity, You Earned It and Kudos Now. Upper management, as well as peers can provide employees with "cash" to recognize their achievements, say thank you or good job and highlight those who are going above and beyond. It's always nice to receive something a little extra or be called out for the dedication you put into your daily work. 

2. Interact

Some employee engagement systems offer a more involved spin. Employees can provide anonymous feedback, evaluations and participate in company decision-making on platforms like Glint, Decision Wise and Sogo Survey. Companies can provide their workforce with questionnaires geared towards improving work conditions, measuring the effectiveness of management styles, and soliciting the opinion of their employees about a new idea, program or product. When employees feel like their thoughts and feelings are important and taken into consideration this can boost individual confidence and overall office morale, while also keeping management informed.

3. Educate

It's generally wise to offer your employees a path up the corporate ladder, whether they are entry level or middle-management. Excelling at a skill or crushing goals shouldn't be the only way for employees to grow and move up. Offering educational options like vocational training, role play exercises and industry related course work can prompt employees to engage and invest in their own success. Bridge Learning Management System offers employers a platform to educate, track and reward skill-set growth. Companies can require standard training courses like sexual harrassment and company handbook review, or offer a whole series of courses on any given topic related to a department, expertise or field.

There are thousands of engagement software systems available on the market today that can cultivate a more employee-centric culture that incorporates incentive, interaction and education. As you work out your 2018 budget and evaluate possible software solutions for your business needs- consider investing in the engagement, growth and overall happiness of your team by taking a look at employee engagement platforms.



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