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5 Fun Alternatives to the Traditional Office Holiday Party

12/5/18 11:03 AM

It's December! The holiday season is here and many companies will be throwing some type of holiday party to celebrate with employees or reward them for their hard work throughout the year. As you brainstorm for party ideas, steer clear of the same, overused ideas like the potluck, the sit down dinner, the raffle and the White Elephant gift exchange. This year, mix it up, try something new and take a stab at these different holiday festivities to end the year with a bang!

1. Hang the Holly

Get the office in the holiday spirit with a themed decor competitionCompanies like Amazon and Expedia hold an Annual Department Decorating Contest that would shame even Clark Griswold. Set a theme, like Winter Wonderland or the Night Before Christmas and let your employees work together to decorate their halls, desks, doorways and more. Aside from getting the whole company and the building in the holiday spirit, it's a fairly inexpensive option that boosts morale and sparks creativity. Tip: Check out Pinterest for themes and decor ideas!

2. Make it a Curling Christmas

Curling is a fun alternative to ice skatingGenerally only popular during the Winter Olympics, curling is a highly underrated sport. Check your local ice rink to see if they offer curling sheets and granite stones for rent. Curling is a more competitive alternative to ice skating and incorporates team building while employees try something new.

3. Caroling Karaoke

Karaoke is a great way to celebrate the holidays with songThe office karaoke machine will not suffice here. Karaoke bars now offer rooms for rent where groups of employees can sing off key in the privacy of their own booth. This is a great option for smaller teams and significant others. Pick out your favorite holiday songs, have a competition and find out who in your organization has the pipes.

4. Dinner on the Docks or on the Tracks

Enjoy beautiful views and fine foods from a train or boatA nice sit down dinner is great, but add a boat on the river or a train in the mountains and you have a magical holiday experience. A change of scenery and something off the beaten path (literally) might be just the thing to show your appreciation and get everyone feeling the holiday warm and fuzzies.

5. Auction Donations

Charitable giving is a great way to celebrate the holidayThis event can be conducted in several different ways. The idea is to purchase big name items- like a flat screen TV, tickets to a sporting event or gift card to a favorite shop or restaurant. Employees then use "Business Bucks" or fake money to bid on the items. Then, as a company, you match the "Business Bucks" with real dollars and donate to a local charity or organization. This is a win on multiple levels- happy employees and spreading a little holiday cheer to those in need.

Do you have a fun alternative idea for the office holiday party? Are you still talking about last year's festivities around the water cooler? Share it with us! Post an image or a description on social and use the hashtag #MerryMint. We'd love to see how you celebrated the holidays with your employees!


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