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The 6 Office Supplies Every HR Manager Loves

6/1/18, 2:14 PM

Us: Are you the type of person that loves going into an office supply store and checking out all the different options of pens, folders, and staplers? 

You: Yes!

Perfect - we have just the list of favorite office supplies for HR Managers. Some you may already use, but some you may wish you knew about sooner.

 1. Mini Filing Cabinet ($11) 

This cute little thing can store up to 800 business cards with an A-Z index cards included. As a bonus, the top drawer has a built-in digital clock! Keep all your vendor contacts on hand and stored away. 

2. Pilot G2 Pen ($6)

Loved by many, the G2 pen is known to write longer than the average gel ink pen. With a contoured rubber grip for writing comfort, this 4 pack of pens can tackle any HR paperwork mess without leaving a smear!


 3. Heavy Duty Electric Stapler ($40)

This little baby can staple 25 sheets of standard 20lb  paper with one staple! It has a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can don't have to worry about departing from one of your favorite staplers. Powered by batteries or an AC adapter - can we get a halleluah? 


4. Document Sorter ($16)

It looks like a ruler, but this all-purpose document sorter is your lifesaver for organizing bills, cards, papers, and more. Order it by alphabetically, by date, and number. (Available for left-handed individuals too!) 


5. Fujitsu's ScanSnap ($450)

One of the most magical devices ever created, you can digitize thousands pieces of paper to your digital cloud services (Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, and more). Double-side scanning, advanced paper feeding, auto color detection, auto paper rotation... yes, this is real. 


 6. Erasable Tricolor Pen ($6)

This lovely Pilot Frixion erasable pen is your lifesaver for all those last minute changes. The ink is formulated to disappear with heat, and the eraser tip will cause friction on the paper which makes the ink disappear.  Did we mention, that it has 3 colors in one? (We do not recommend using this pen on official documents). 


 We'd love to hear about your own favorite office supplies (comment below!) or read more about how you can even reduce the amount of paper during the on-boarding process.


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