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7 Key Benefits of an Employee Scheduling Solution

11/14/18, 8:37 AM

Workforce scheduling can be a complex, time-consuming, and downright frustrating task. You need to match employee availability, preferences, seniority, pay rates, skills, and certifications with fluctuating business demand to maximize productivity, engagement, and profits. But trying to schedule a diverse workforce using spreadsheets and semi-automated systems too often results in overstaffed shifts, shorthanded rushes, excessive overtime, employee disengagement, and even compliance issues. How can you schedule the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time without overspending your budget or burning out your employees?

Our scheduling module, part of our unified human capital management (HCM) suite, automatically generates best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement. Easy-to-use tools and automated workflows simplify creation of best-practice schedules that align staffing with budget and demand. Automatic enforcement of scheduling rules and policies helps avoid employee grievances, litigation, and fines. And real-time visibility into accurate employee data, labor costs, and demand enables managers to make intelligent staffing decisions on the fly.

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Key Benefits

1. SCHEDULE THE RIGHT EMPLOYEE with the right skills in the right place at the right time

2. CONTROL LABOR COSTS by making informed scheduling decisions that take into account budget constraints

3. IMPROVE WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY by aligning staff coverage with fluctuating business demand

4. DRIVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT by giving workers more control over their schedules via self-service

5. MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK by automatically enforcing scheduling policies, labor laws, and union rules

6. AVOID SAFETY VIOLATIONS by scheduling employees with the right skills and certifications for the job

7.  SIMPLIFY SCHEDULE CREATION AND MANAGEMENT so managers can focus on strategic priorities

Manage Labor Spend

Keep labor costs under control without compromising service quality or delivery performance. Our scheduling module makes it easy to create accurate schedules that align staff coverage with known demand or calculated workload. That way, you can minimize the wasteful over-staffing, reliance on contract workers, and overtime pay that can send labor costs soaring. Automated alerts notify you when schedules exceed budget limits, so you can make appropriate adjustments to keep labor costs in check.

Demand- and Volume-based Schedules

Our scheduling module makes it easy to define actual demand throughout the day and build shifts to match workload requirements, saving you valuable time when creating employee schedules. Robust Workload Manager functionality lets you configure unique business rules, including volume measure by industry, day part shift boundaries, and staffing ratios mandated by scheduling policies, union rules, and labor laws.

The system imports a workload forecast or uses transactional data — patient census, production orders, seasonal promotions, and more — to calculate predicted demand. Then it automatically creates the optimal shift structure based on the forecast and defined labor standards. You can run forecasted versus scheduled coverage reports and use historical volume data to manage your workload for an upcoming schedule period.

Employee Empowerment

This type of automation also empowers employees and boosts engagement. Give employees more control over their schedules for improved engagement. Self-service tools encourage employees to be more autonomous while making the scheduling process more transparent. For example, employees can pick up open shifts based on their qualifications — from their desktop or mobile device — and receive an email notification whenever a new schedule is posted. Automatic enforcement of scheduling policies helps ensure fair, equitable treatment of all employees. Managers can configure and apply scheduling rules to help minimize employee fatigue and burnout that compromise safety, erode morale, and lead to costly turnover. With our scheduling module, it’s easy to generate schedules that take into account hours per day, hours per week, and consecutive days worked to keep employees alert, productive, and satisfied on the job.

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