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8 HR Influencers To Follow on Twitter

6/12/18 10:41 AM

HR compliance and policy are critical for running your business effectively, so it's always good to keep your eye on growing trends and topics when it comes to Human Resources. Below is a list of the top HR Influencers on Twitter. These individual not only provide an authoritative voice in the HR space with their knowledge and experience, they are also HR Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of some of the largest companies and brands in the HR space.

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1. Laszlo Bock: Laszlo is the CEO/Co-Founder at, author and ex-SVP of People Ops at Google. Passionate about making work better for everyone, everywhere.

2. Alexander Kjerulf: Kjerulf is the Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc, international speaker and author of 5 books including the Happy Hour is 9 to 5 and Leading With Happiness.

3. Jennifer McClure: Jennifer is a keynote speaker who provides strategic advisory services and executive coaching in leadership, human resources and talent acquisition.

4. Kathryn Minchew: Founder of The Muse, a website dedicated to helping people succeed at their careers, and find meaningful jobs at the best companies, and author of The New Rules of Work.

5. Matt Buckland: Matt is the VP of Customer Advocacy at Workable, a recruitment platform, and blogger at The King's Shilling.

6. Craig Fisher: Craig is one of the most engaging key note speakers in HR, as well as a Marketing Leader at Allegis Global. He speaks and writes on topics like recruitment and brand strategy. Check out this website

7. China Gorman: With over 19K followers, China Gorman has spent 20+ years in the HR consulting world specializing in the career transition, executive coaching, and leadership development arena as a business leader at the local, regional, national, and global levels. She was also an Interim CEO for SHRM and CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute, the global consultancy dedicated to improving society by helping companies create better workplaces.

8. Jeanne Meister: Jeanne is a Partner at Future Workplace, Keynote Speaker, and Co-Author of The 2020 Workplace and The Future Workplace Experience.

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