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by ONEMINT, on 5/30/18 10:46 AM

When you are in the market for new software, be it a CRM, HCM or sales and marketing software, the search can be overwhelming. There is so much out there …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/25/18 10:47 AM

As an HR Manager, your main duties include overseeing your companies HR programs and policies as they apply to employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety, performance and staffing levels. You're a …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/23/18 9:58 AM

How your users interact with your software is a large part of your success. Implementing and on-boarding new clients, rolling out new features and continued training on updates and services …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/21/18 11:02 AM

This week the BBC announced that scientists in the UK may have found a cure for the common cold. Can you imagine how many hours of sick time would be …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/18/18 11:04 AM

Tracking time and labor for a large organization can be difficult, especially if employees work in the field or remotely. It's important to analyze the time your employees work to …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/16/18 8:22 AM

Customer service is a huge part of any successful business. Providing your customers and clients with a fast and easy way to contact you with questions, issues, or sales inquiries …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/14/18 2:03 PM

On the heels of Mother's Day weekend, it would be appropriate to talk about your maternity or parental leave policy. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix offer attractive, full paid parental …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/9/18 2:18 PM

Not all work related injuries can be prevented. Sometimes humans are humans and even with the best of intentions, training and safety measures, accidents can happen. Check out the top …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/7/18 2:11 PM

Most companies have assets- not just cash money. Desks and chairs, key-cards, computers and printers, cellphones, a car, tools, office supplies, even employee created documents are among the different types …

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by Kendrah Wick, on 5/3/18 11:44 AM

You may be doing business with customers and vendors around the world, but even if you’re not, chances are that the demographics in your neighborhood are becoming more diverse. Is …

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by ONEMINT, on 5/2/18 2:02 PM

This last week, T-Mobile and Sprint announced their merger. After several attempts to unite their companies, they finally settled on a $26.5 billion agreement. That is some serious dough and …

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