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Are you making the best of your daily schedule?

Kendrah Wick
1/15/18 10:08 AM


biological clock


Tick, tick, tick. That's your internal clock. Your biological clock. That clock that keeps you waking up at the same time each morning and hungry at the same points during the day. This clock is specific to you. It works to make you work. But are you making the most of your time, by this clock? Dr. Michael Breus, PHD has written a book called The Power of When, the study of chronotypes- your bodies natural rhythm and biological clock. This book touches on ways you can optimize your time based on your biological clock and your personal daily schedule.

There is a short quiz you can take to tell you about your chronotype. The four chronotypes are Bear, Lion, Dolphin and Wolf. According to Breus' quiz, I am a Bear and with a couple of teaks to my current daily schedule, I can optimize by production and energy throughout the day. Because I now work remotely, time and a schedule is vital and Dr. Breus makes suggestions about how and when to make changes to keep me on track.

He states that it's best for Bears to wake around 7am and get in some light exercise, a protein-packed breakfast and a shower. Right now, I am waking around 5:30am and by 10am, which for Bears is optimal productive time, I am fading. His method suggests I wait until 10am to have my first cup of coffee and to schedule some of my main to-do's around this same time . I tend to wither in the early afternoon as well, between 2-3pm. To combat this, a Bear is encouraged to socialize with co-workers, take a quick break and grab a snack or some exercise.

Check out Dr. Breus' website and take the chronotype quiz. Are there some changes you can make to your daily schedule that will impact your productivity and have you making the most of your day? Can you get in tune with your own biological rhythm and find a nice balance to keep you at your best? Tell us about your current schedule and some changes suggested that may support a more solid day's work.

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