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Creating a Dream Team for an HCM Implementation

6/11/19 1:37 PM

A successful implementation starts with a strong partnership — a partnership that inspires the project team’s full engagement and empowers everyone to understand goals, success criteria, and project timelines, and fosters an open line of communication between your internal team and ours. Staffing your project team
properly is important to achieving a successful implementation.

Players to consider identifying when developing your team

1. Project Manger

Your project manager is the pillar of your internal team, and the primary team member supporting the HCM solution for your business post-implementation.

  • Assembles and manages internal project team
  • Completes all Discovery documents in collaboration with subject matter experts
  •  Assists in the development and monitoring of a detailed project schedule
  • Partners with our team, working through project status meetings and working to identify risks or concerns as needed
  • And more (find out in our fact sheet)

2. Executive Sponsor

The executive sponsor is your internal project champion, supporting your internal team throughout your implementation.

  • Commits time to be engaged prior to starting the project and remains committed during the full lifecycle of the implementation, including phase reviews and milestone sign-offs
  • Assists in forming and mentoring the project team; removes obstacles and generates support among all stakeholders to maintain the timeline and success of the project
  • Supports the standardization of policies and ensures all sites are taken into consideration
  •  Attends all scheduled status meetings

3. Training Lead

The training lead acts as a system super user, facilitating user adoption throughout your organization. The training lead attends all relevant product training that enables him or her to develop custom procedures that will support your end-users with the rollout of the solution.

  • Develops end-user documentation to support end-users as they begin to use the new system
  • Attends all training and achieves fluency with the system
  • Attends all regularly scheduled status meetings as well as critical milestone and phase review meetings

4. Technical Lead 

The technical lead is a representative from IT, contributing valuable technical insight during every phase of the implementation.

  • Responsible for extracting historical paycheck information from legacy systems for upload into the system
  • Partners with our team to ensure a holistic view of your organization’s technical environment
  • Works with our team through development of interfaces and reporting needs involving other systems
  • And more (find out in our fact sheet)

Additional team members

Depending on the modules you purchased, you may need to
recruit the following team members as well. These members will
be critical in your core implementation as well as any additional
modules you purchased.

  • The Timekeeping Subject Matter Expert
  • The Payroll Subject Matter Expert
  • The HR Subject Matter Expert

Plan for success

Once your internal team is in place, it’s time to set expectations for
success. Start by reviewing roles and responsibilities with your team. Next, make sure your subject matter experts, project manager, training lead, and technical lead have a shared understanding of how the build-out of your solution is being constructed for your business. To achieve consensus, hold regular check-ins with your internal team, require team attendance at status meetings with our team, and confirm that training is being reviewed.

hcm implementation fact sheet

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