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How are you hiring top talent?

6/6/18 11:03 AM

In today’s competitive job market, optimizing recruiting and hiring processes is critical for attracting top talent. How are you hiring top talent? Are you putting ads in the local newspaper and on several job listing websites? Are you shuffling through resumes, keeping files for potential winners, but losing yourself in a spiral of paperwork? Well, automation may be your lifesaver!

Talent acquisition automation simplifies the creation of job requisitions with automated approval workflows. You can proactively source candidates by posting job listings to your career website and 8,000+ free job boards as well as leveraging premium, fee-based job board integration. Automation makes it easy to create a positive applicant experience that reinforces your brand and lets candidates search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online. Automated notifications and configurable email communications drive pre-hire engagement for more effective recruiting, and dashboards deliver at-a-glance visibility into key hiring metrics as well as other strategic insights.

A successful on-boarding process helps new hires feel welcome and become effective contributors as quickly as possible. When applicants are hired, their online information flows seamlessly from the talent acquisition feature into the employee record section. An automated system can generate a configurable on-boarding checklist with task assignments and time frames so you can track the process from start to finish. Automated reminders keep on-boarding— from submitting custom forms with electronic signatures to self-enrolling in benefits plans to completing orientation workshops — moving forward for a smooth transition that optimizes new hire engagement and accelerates time to productivity.

For more information on automating your hiring and on-boarding processes, schedule a free demonstration of our WorkforceONE platform today!

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