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How to Drive Employee Engagement

Kendrah Wick
2/22/18, 2:12 PM

Maintaining employee engagement and driving professional development is a huge part of Human Resources. It can be a large task to stay up-to-date on each employees certifications, training and more. A Human Resource Management System makes it simple to record and tracks all types of employee records.

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Stay on top of employee development

Track employee skills and certifications with custom reports that show who needs training and when they need it. An HCM Solution enables you to define training courses, assign employees, and track completion. You can even schedule internal classes, monitor open seats, and report on participation and results to improve employee engagement and development.

Optimize employee engagement and performance

 Drive employee engagement and productivity with momentum-building performance management capabilities. An automated system has an optional performance management solution that delivers performance development tools to support continuous performance feedback. This makes it easy for managers to define and track individual employee goals with associated weights and to nurture successful outcomes. Create organization-, department-, or job-specific appraisal forms, define cascading goals, and automate the performance review cycle to reflect your established processes. Alerts and reminders keep form completion, feedback, and approvals on track, and the ability to monitor goal status in real time helps align the organization for success.

 Tomorrow, ONEMINT will be releasing our Human Resource Automation infograhic that will recap all the HR topics we discussed this week. Check back tomorrow on our Content Library to download your copy. 

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