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How to Hire Best-Fit Talent

3/8/18 1:10 PM
recruiting and hiring

In today’s competitive job market, optimizing a recruiting and hiring processes is critical for attracting top talent. 

  1. Understand the must-haves vs. nice-to-haves
  2. Creating a job description
  3. Having a positive experience
  4. Making interview decisions
  5. Nurture and growing talent

Determine the required candidate skills and qualities for the role

At the beginning of a recruitment process, its important to figure out the must-have skills and qualities first so can find the right talent and proactively source qualified candidates. By passing qualified candidates to onsite interviews, you will be saving your time and your team's valuable time. 

The creation of job requisitions

To help speed up the process of a job requisition, there are cloud-based systems with an automated approval workflows. This will reduce the time emailing back and forth and will help the company find the best-fit talent quicker. Using a system to build a talent pipeline, you can proactively source candidates by posting job listings to your career website and 8,000+ free job boards, and leveraging a premium fee-based job board integration. 

Having a positive applicant experience

To make sure you create a positive applicant experience, more and more companies are turning to use of talent automation system as a part of the process. The automation makes it easy for the recruiter and applicant since it allows candidates search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online.  After the candidate submits their application, the recruiter will receive automated notifications, which can be configurable email communications.

The interview process and decisions

To be more effective at the interview process of recruiting, you will want to have a tool to help drive pre-hire engagement and dashboards to provide you with at-a-glance visibility into key hiring metrics as well as other strategic insights. You may be risking the loss of top-talent by taking too long to screen through applicants, so having a talent management system can help you quickly find the best-fit candidates.

Nurturing and growing talent

Once you hire a best-fit talent, the recruitment process continues to ensure a  successful on-boarding process  to helps new hires feel welcome and become effective contributors as quickly as possible. To reduce the amount of time spent on onboarding, recruiters can utilize the online applicant's information to seamlessly flow the data from the talent acquisition system into the employee record section. Another bonus of using an automated system is that it can generate a configurable on-boarding checklist with task assignments and time frames so you can track the process from start to finish.  These automated benefits for recruiters provides reminders, allow custom forms submissions with electronic signatures,  self-enrolling in benefits plans to completing orientation workshops and more that all rolls up to optimizing new hire engagement and accelerates time to productivity.


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