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How your Business can Survive Inclement Weather

7/11/18, 10:55 AM


inclement weather

 Summer is here and if you work near  or work with companies on the East or South coasts, then you know it's hurricane season. Roads can be inaccessible from flood, homes and businesses damaged from heavy winds, clients and vendors without power- this can be inconvenient as well as detrimental to your daily business during the summer months. Whether you are directly in the path or collateral damage, here are some tips to make sure your business makes it through:

1. Have an Inclement Weather Policy and Plan in place.

Whether your business is touched by hurricanes, snow, wild fires or tsunamis, it's always wise to have an inclement weather or natural disaster policy. A clear outline of expectations and guidelines for employees and emergency numbers are great way to keep things organized during any kind of weather. Here is an inclement weather plan sample from SHRM to help you get starts.

2. Plan ahead and have a Back-up Plan.

For places like the South, planning for inclement weather in the summer is a no-brainer. Planning ahead and having a back up can save a lot of time and money. This can mean finding a secondary location to conduct business, this can be backing up your servers and converting paper documents to electronic form, this can even mean an alternative list of vendors if others are delayed or shut down due to weather. Brainstorm what is imperative to keeping your business up and running- like software systems, mailing services, phone, internet and outline solutions for when the storm hits. If you don't have a back up or plan ahead, you'll need a recovery plan to get you back up and running as soon as possible. See more on recovery below.

3. Be Smart about Travel.

If you have employees who travel via air or road during hurricane season, prepare. You may want to purchase refundable tickets during the summer months if flights are cancelled. Worst case scenario, cancel all travel during bad weather. While day-to-day business is important, the safety and well being of your employees should be #1.

4. Relief and Recovery Resources.

Many organizations and relief groups have resources for effected businesses. The American Red Cross can provide some assistance, but check into local agencies that can help with clean up and recovery. These organization may also have ways for your business to assist others dealing with inclement weather. If you have products or services that may help in a time of need, reach out to your fellow business owners and offer your support.

All-in-all, you will want to keep your eye on the weather channel and local news. Communication is key- keeping employees, clients and vendors informed of your business plans during inclement weather conditions should keep things running smoothly, even if you have to wade the streets to get to work!

For more on how you can create and announcement your inclement weather policy via Human Capital Management system, request a free demonstration with WorkforceONE today. 


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