HR Conference Round-up 2018-2019

7/31/18 10:54 AM

As we head into the second half of the year, it may be time for you to think about networking and staying up-to-date on all things HR. Here is a list of the upcoming remaining conferences and an overview of the conferences to come in 2018-2019:


Conferences 2018



HCI Employee Engagement Conference

July 30-August 1 in Denver, CO

Why you should attend:
This conference is happening this week, but it is one of the most popular HR conferences. The sessions will cover retaining talent with the tools and strategies leaders need to drive engagement. It may be too late now to sign up for this years conference, but keep this one in mind for 2019.


Registration cost:
3-day pass $1,995
2-day pass $1,795
Virtual $795



HR Tech Conference

September 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV

This conference is the largest HR Tech Expo in the country and this year is centered around women in HR technology. This is a great place to learn about the newest applications and programs to help run your HR department and your company.

How to Convince Your Boss:
They provide a justification letter template to get your boss on board.


Registration cost:
Several cost tiers



HRSouthwest Conference

October 14-17 in Fort Worth, TX

This is the largest regional HR conference and is the official State of Texas SHRM conference. Navigating Change is the theme this year, where over 2500 attendees will discuss the ever-changing landscape of HR. One of the keynote speakers is Astronaut and Naval Captain Scott Kelly.

How to Convince Your Boss


Registration cost:
Full conference $899
2-day $869
1-day $459
Marketplace only $279


Conferences 2019



3rd HR Division International

January 9-11 in Dublin, Ireland

If you are really up for some travel and understanding HR on a global level, definitely check out this conference. The theme is also centered around navigating the shifting landscapes of human resource management. The sessions are put on by Dublin City University and the HR Division of the Academy of Management.


Registration cost:
Early Bird for AOM members $395 USD
Non-AOM members and general registration $525 USD
PHD Students $295 USD



HR Conference Cruise

February 10-15 and 18-23 departing from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL

How fun does this sound?? 5 days sailing around Florida and the Keys while getting your HR learn on. Some of the session topics include reality based leadership, HR innovation for start-ups, how to end entitlement and how to manage your HR career and leave a legacy.

(Feb 10-15), (Feb 18-23)

Registration cost:
Tiered depending on registration time frame ranging between $549-$699
Rooms on the ship are an additional cost



2019 People Analytics & Workforce Planning

March 5-7 in Miami, FL

Here is why you should attend and how to make your case for attendance. This is Human Capital Institute conference and focuses on the value of workforce analytics and reporting. The top 4 reasons to attend? Keeping up with the latest HR analytics, personal professional development, networking in interactive sessions and hands-on workshops.

Not provided at this time

Registration cost:
3-day $1,995
2-day $1,795
Early Bird Register by January 6th to save $200
Virtual conference $795



Health & Benefits

April 24-26 in Las Vegas, NV

Choose from dozens of sessions on healthcare, wellness, benefits, technology and financial at this conference sponsored by Human Resource Executive. This one is geared more towards creating complete and competitive benefits packages for your employees and the nation’s most innovative conference on benefits for employers.


Registration cost:
Registration opens in September and they will have posted pricing.


If conferences aren’t in the budget, you can check out a handful of free and paid webinars offered by Compliance HR, attend a training and seminar by Lorman on Human Resource Management or sign up for a webcast on SHRM. You can also stay informed and up-to-date on HR trends by checking out the 8 HR Influencers to Follow on Twitter.

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