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Keeping Employees Engaged in the Manufacturing Industry

1/30/19 10:34 AM

With skill shortages stifling productivity and growth, the last thing manufacturers need is a disengaged workforce. A truly engaged workforce is key for attracting and retaining the best talent in a fiercely competitive job market. In an organizational culture that fosters transparency, mutual trust, and ongoing development, your employees are more likely to be productive and committed, thereby delivering better business outcomes.

Engineers in mechanical factory reading instructions

While there are many factors that contribute to workforce engagement, you can start by focusing on top employee needs that contribute to a positive work environment.


Am I getting sufficient rest between shifts to avoid fatigue? Do I have the proper training required to perform the jobs I’m scheduled for?


Am I getting the appropriate time off I need to maintain my work/life balance? Do I have flexibility in my schedule when unplanned issues arise?

Fair treatment

Are policies applied consistently across all employees? Do I have the same visibility into overtime opportunities as other employees?

Opportunity to make an impact

How does my work affect the business? Do I have a manager who is available and invested in my performance? Can I influence change within the organization?

To learn about the current state of employee engagement in manufacturing, download our industry insight Employee Engagement For Manufacturing: How to drive productivity by focusing on your hourly employees.

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