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MINT BIT: Simplify the merger process with an HCM solution

5/2/18, 2:02 PM


This last week, T-Mobile and Sprint announced their merger. After several attempts to unite their companies, they finally settled on a $26.5 billion agreement. That is some serious dough and some serious changes coming down the line for either or both companies. When companies merge or acquire other companies, there is a major HR undertaking. According to an article by SHRM on mergers and acquisitions, the challenge for HR includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creation of new policies to guide the new organization
  • Retention of key employees, employee selection and downsizing
  • Development of compensation strategies
  • Creation of a comprehensive employee benefits program.

Accurate data about employees, pay, benefits, and policies is crucial to the process of uniting companies and having an up-to-date, easy-to-use Human Capital Management system is part of that. Migration from one management software to another, the consolidation of several different systems or the implementation of a brand new software may feel like adding to the "To Do" list, but in actuality, it can streamline the merger process.

WorkforceONE is a one-stop-shop Human Capital Management System.  It offers a range of services to assist with merger or acquisition processes, including:

  • A place to upload your employee handbook, employee documents, and forms 
  • The ability to evaluate the performance of employees, administer bonuses and promotions
  • Customization of reports on open positions, salary base,  training and certifications and benefit plans
  • Schedule announcements, like benefit and policy changes, company meetings or events, and introducing new employees

Whether you are mass-migrating employee data from an old system, updating old policies to reflect recent changes, or retaining employees with professional development, bonuses or promotions- you can do so with ease in the WorkforceONE system. 

Our hands-on Implementation Specialists can assist you throughout the entire process, too, providing guidance as your companies transition into one entity. 

To learn more about WorkforceONE migration, implementation or how it can assist in a merger, schedule a demo with one of our Implementation Specialists today!

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