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MINT BIT: Starbucks and the Evolution of Employee Training

4/25/18, 2:14 PM

As you may have heard, Starbucks will be closing 8,000 locations on May 29 for racial-bias education training after two African-American patrons were arrested at a Philadelphia store.

This has sparked a conversation about employee training and company policy related  to workplace discrimination. Not only that, but the type of training offered and how it is administered to employees is front and center.  It forces us to look at how employee training as evolved. Before, on-boarding new employees included handing out a thick paper copy of the employee handbook, a review of company policies, appropriate attire and language, and maybe some training- like a sexual harassment video from the 80's (you know the one I am talking about.)

online training

Enter technology. Now, companies are offering a variety of training, from federally-required to professional development, providing their workforce with more ways to learn and grow, and stay informed of the latest policies. There are various educational platforms available now (like Bridge LMS) and information on employee training can be tracked in your Human Capital Management system.

WorkforceONE, a Human Capital Management Solution,  offers an all-inclusive platform that allows HR and managers visibility into their employees' life-cycles. This includes, but is not limited to:

-From hire, employees can view and sign-off on an electronic handbook.

-Notifications can be sent when an employee needs to re-certify or take a new course.

-Incident reports can recorded for a streamlined employee record.

-Performance reviews can be administered and tracked.

To learn more about WorkforceONE and the employee life-cycle, request a free demonstration with one of ONEMINT's Implementation Specialists.

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