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Payroll: Did you know...?

Kendrah Wick
2/5/18 3:27 PM
This week on the ONEMINT blog we will be talking about all things payroll.  To kick us off, here are a few facts about employment payroll. Did you know...?
  • 22% of U.S. employees who are required to input their hours worked use a timecard or timesheet.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 payroll professionals (18%) spend much of their time on day-to-day activities, such as data entry
  • Manual data entry is also the payroll activity that causes 35% of payroll errors
  • 25% of payroll inquiries are about employees’ pay slips
  • The second most common reason for payroll inquiries is related to missing pay, at 22%

Stay tuned as we explore common payroll errors, automated solutions and more!

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