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Planning your Talent's Career Ladder

7/10/19, 10:00 AM

Recruiting the best employees and developing their skills and
knowledge are critically important for your organization’s success, but if you’re not planning for future staffing needs, you’re missing an opportunity to engage and retain employees and create stability and continuity in your operations.

Interactive succession planning tools help you identify and prepare talent for advancement or promotion into more challenging roles within your organization.

The succession planning tools in unified human capital management (HCM) suite help you to develop a talent pipeline and build bench strength with employees who have the current skills or potential to be successful.

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Why Succession Planning?

Identify and prepare employees to step into key roles as the
organization grows and expands its services and offerings. Having
replacement employees ready when promotions, resignations,
and reorganizations occur lets you quickly and efficiently fill
open positions.
Engage and retain superior employees who appreciate the time,
attention, and development you’re investing in them. Employees
are engaged and motivated when they can see a career path for
their continued growth and development.
Increase visibility to employee readiness and potential. Informal
succession planning leaves information gaps. A formal approach
minimizes both retention risks and the impact of a loss and
demonstrates a commitment to mentoring and developing
employees to advance in their careers.

Succession Plans Work

Evaluate your talent pool by comparing and contrasting employee status across multiple metrics. Identify top talent and prepare
employees for future growth.

Succession planning was rated as very or extremely important by 54 percent of Bloomberg HR survey respondents, but organizations have struggled to address this process in a systematic way across a diverse workforce population.

Our HCM solution has the tools you need to quickly and easily visualize and implement succession plans for all employees.

Check out the succession plan tools in our HCM and starting planning for the future of your employees and your company.

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