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The Importance of Human Capital Management for Non-Profits

10/31/18, 7:06 AM

Your nonprofit faces many of the same challenges, including controlling costs, increasing efficiencies, and managing compliance, which confront organizations in the private sector. At the same time, you’re grappling with issues like reduced funding, ever-increasing demand for services, and a widely dispersed workforce — all of which can make it more difficult to achieve your mission. What can you do to optimize your most valuable asset — your workforce — to support program goals safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively?

HCM can help you organize to minimize risk

An HCM solution can offer nonprofit organizations easy-to-use, easy-to-own workforce features that help you manage costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve interactions with your members and community. A single, unified platform for the entire workforce helps you attract and retain quality talent, engage the workforce, and manage the employee life-cycle — from pre-hire to retire — so you can provide services in a safe, effective, and compliant manner. In addition, an human capital management (HCM) and workforce management solutions help you control labor costs and drive operational efficiencies, enabling you to invest more of your limited funding and resources to support critical services, programs, and causes.

Hire, retain, and engage a quality workforce

Providing top-quality programs and services begins with hiring and retaining the right people. But with a high concentration of part-time, contract, and temporary/seasonal workers, your organization may struggle to find and keep qualified employees. And HCM solution can help you source, track, and evaluate best-fit candidates and deliver a positive applicant experience. Plus, automated solutions streamline hiring and on-boarding processes, including background checks, so those individuals can start contributing to your team sooner.

You can focus on your employees

Employee engagement and retention foster a culture of mission and purpose that is critical to achieving your program goals. HCM solutions offer talent management tools that bridge the salary-hourly divide and help you optimize employee engagement and effectiveness. Self-service features, including the ability to specify schedule availability and preferences, give employees greater autonomy and control. What’s more, HCM can provide HR leaders with quick, easy access to performance and engagement data across the entire workforce to optimize employee satisfaction and help reduce turnover.

Key Benefits

» TRACK EMPLOYEE TIME — centrally and accurately — by program, project, grant, and asset

» ALLOCATE LABOR COSTS to multiple jobs, departments, and locations to understand exactly how budget dollars are spent

» MANAGE A DISPERSED WORKFORCE with mobile tools that support instant visibility and seamless communication

» IMPROVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT with comprehensive talent management and self-service tools that promote autonomy

» HIRE AND RETAIN QUALITY EMPLOYEES to help ensure a safe environment for members, program participants, and staff

» MITIGATE COMPLIANCE RISK with a central repository of employee certifications and licenses that is updated in real time

Control costs to optimize limited funding

Better cost control means more funds to support your nonprofit’s mission. But keeping costs in check can be challenging — especially if you rely on manual processes or cobbled-together systems to manage your workforce. Because your employees may work multiple jobs across various departments, you need an easy, accurate way to allocate labor expenses to the appropriate cost centers. But without an automated, centralized system for tracking and managing labor time and costs, it can be difficult to understand exactly where your budget dollars are being spent.

It takes the focus off scheduling and puts it back on the work

HCM solutions allow you to track employee time — centrally and accurately — to control labor costs across the organization. A unified platform makes it easy to enforce work and pay rules, improve payroll accuracy, and track and allocate labor costs to the right programs, projects, grants, and assets. Absence management capabilities help minimize the direct and indirect costs of unplanned absences, such as lost productivity and the cost of replacement workers. In addition, mobile management tools provide real-time visibility into the workforce to help drive cost-effective delivery of services.

Schedule employees to meet service demand

Putting the right employees in the right place at the right time is no easy feat, and it’s even more challenging when your programs and services span multiple locations. HCM solutions help you create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget and demand. Leveraging a single, unified source of workforce data, our automated scheduling tools sort employees based on predefined criteria — availability, preferences, skills, licenses, certifications, and more — so you can assign the right person to each position. You’re automatically notified if scheduling actions violate established rules, such as staff-to- participant ratios, to improve compliance with labor laws and organization-specific policies.

Meet need and demand with a scheduling tool

Transform workforce data into actionable insights

In the dynamic, cause-driven nonprofit sector, you need on-demand visibility into the workforce to boost employee productivity and engagement while delivering quality, cost-effective services.

HCM solutions integrate HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, absence management, talent management, and more to create a single employee record that’s updated in real time to drive more informed decision making. Intuitive dashboards and in-depth reporting help managers understand key workforce trends, such as tardiness, absenteeism, overtime, turnover, and more, to identify potential issues and take immediate action before budgets or services are impacted.

To learn about our HCM solution and explore all the features that can manage and engage your entire workforce to support program goals, schedule a live demo with us today!

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