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The Possibilities of Paperless HR

3/26/18 12:25 PM

Paperless processes are taking over the workforce. From client records and contracts, to receipts and reminders, all can be done online using cloud based apps and databases.  

However, according to research by The Paperless Project, "a grassroots coalition of companies focused on transforming the way organizations use paper and electronic content":

  • The average office worker continues to use a staggering 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year.
  • In the U.S., companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms, most of which out-date themselves within three months’ time.
  • More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.

Arguably, the department that uses the most paper is Human Resources. From copying resumes to manually filing employee records, printing handbooks and benefit manuals - Human Resources literally has a life-cycle paper trail for each member of your workforce. 

Kronos recently published an article offering 5 ways in which companies can start moving towards a paperless HR process. 

See how your HR department stacks up  - are you using less paper or are you completely paperless? An easy way to start using less paper is improving the administration of onboarding.

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