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The Top: 5 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives You Can Start Today

Kendrah Wick
5/3/18 11:44 AM


You may be doing business with customers and vendors around the world, but even if you’re not, chances are that the demographics in your neighborhood are becoming more diverse.  Is your place of employment? Check out these Top 5 ways to initiate diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

1. Create a Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Send out an open invitation including all departments, remote employees and other locations from entry level to executive. This committee meets to discuss programs, charities, events etc that celebrate all walks of life.

2. Host a Diversity event: Invite individuals from the following groups to share their stories with your employees. Or open up your meeting space to local groups to use for monthly, quarterly or special events.

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity/national origin
  • Family status
  • Gender
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Generation
  • Language
  • Life experiences
  • Organization function and level
  • Personality type
  • Physical characteristics
  • Race
  • Religion, belief and spirituality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Thinking/learning styles
  • Veteran status

3. Volunteer or donate to diverse programs in your local community: Pride centers, women's organizations, refugee support- there are thousands of groups in your own backyard that provide education, services and a safe environment for many of the groups above. Expand your community involvement and encourage your employees to participate.

4. Work with HR or your hiring manager to implement a diversity initiative in your hiring process: The best way to balance a diverse workforce is by opening positions to all, and maybe that means opening the position up to remote employees. Looking at remote employees allows you to tap into other demographics that may not be represented in your local hiring pool. 

5. Be aware: Take a look at your current workforce. Are a variety of groups represented? Use your HCM system to run custom reports on diverse groups- like age, race, etc. Are you providing equal opportunity for employment, advancement and recognition? Educate yourself and your HR staff on the importance and advantages of diversity in the workplace. LinkedIn Learning offers a course on this very thing.

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