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TOP 5: Big Issues Affecting the Healthcare Workforce

Kendrah Wick
3/6/18 11:02 AM

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1. High-quality patient experience: Delivering quality patient care across all services is a top priority for healthcare providers. But budget limitations, staffing shortages, and employee burnout can stand in the way of providing a safe and positive patient experience.

2. Workforce flexibility: Ever-changing patient demand, staffing shortages, and challenging economic conditions have heightened the need for a flexible, multi-skilled, and highly engaged workforce. With a flexible workforce in place, healthcare providers are better able to utilize resources in a way that manages costs without compromising the quality of patient care.

3. Cost management: Tight labor budgets and fewer resources are common constraints in today’s healthcare industry. Because labor represents one of the largest costs for healthcare providers, effective workforce management is critical for aligning staff coverage with patient demands to help ensure cost-effective care.

4. Recruitment and retention: Because staff turnover continues to be a significant and costly issue for healthcare providers, attracting and retaining quality talent is becoming more critical than ever before. Healthcare providers must strike the right balance between employee preferences and patient and business needs to optimize workforce engagement and quality of care.

5. Standardized processes: Centralizing and standardizing systems and processes can help healthcare providers manage costs, improve productivity, and deliver great patient care. The onus is on leadership to make technology choices that automate processes, provide visibility and control, and make the working lives of both managers and employees easier and more efficient.

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