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Top 5: Payroll Errors

Kendrah Wick
2/6/18 10:20 AM
Manually processing your payroll can be a headache and can be peppered with human error. Here are the top 5 payroll errors that may be costing you.


  1. Incorrect timekeeping: All your payroll errors can start with timekeeping. Are you keeping time manually as well? Have your employees missed punches, flub their hours, is your math correct? You could be paying out on unworked hours or unnecessary overtime. 
  2. Missing your payroll submission window: Are you running a bit behind on processing your payroll? Did you receive last minute records or misplace some files which caused you to miss your deadline? This could be costing you as well- fees, headaches and disgruntled employees. 
  3. Incorrect employee compensation or payrate: Did an employee get promoted or receive a raise between now and the last payroll cycle?  Did an employee get hired or fired in that time? 
  4. Incorrect employee information: This can include the spelling of a name, an address or phone number. Is their employee ID correct? Is their direct debit information up-to-date?
  5. Form mistakes: There are a lot of forms and pieces of paperwork that have to be filled out and filed to process your payroll. Any typos or mistakes can delay your process.
This week we will be a releasing an infographic with information about the benefits of payroll automation and how it can resolve many of your payroll error issues. Stay tuned for more on the topic as we continue PAYROLL WEEK here on the ONEMINT Blog. 

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