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Top 5: Tips to Conduct a Better Interview

3/27/18 7:02 AM

We've all been interviewed, but few of us have actually conducted an interview. Over the course of my career I have conducted interviews both internally and externally. It can be a tedious and somewhat daunting task- but with some tweaking, this process can be enjoyable for both you and your candidate.

Top 5 Better Interview.jpg

1. Do YOUR research: Most interviewees know it's in their best interest to do their research- check out the company website, see who-is-who on your "About" page and learn as much about the position as possible before the big day. However, it would be prudent for the interviewer to also do their research. Look at the resume more than 5 minutes before the interview, check your candidate out on LinkedIn or other networking websites, see what you can learn about their history and hobbies before you sit down with them.

2. Prepare: Duh! This should be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised by how many interviews I've been on where the interviewer is distracted, scatterbrained and has zero format for asking questions and learning about me. Jot down an agenda, questions, topics to cover and stick to it.

3. Be a human: Sure, this is business and hiring for a vital role is serious, but be a human. Have a conversation. It's best not to fire off question after question without digging in and learning more about the answer and the person giving it.

4. Off-the-res: Resumes are a great source for experience and credentials, but it's wise to ask about what's not on their resume. Perhaps outside experiences have provided your candidate with a skill-set that isn't represented on their resume

5. Follow-up: Don't leave your candidates hanging, even if they aren't chosen for the position. Do them the courtesy of thanking them for their time and even provide them with some feedback. Going dark or not responding to inquiries after an interview is unprofessional and rude.

BONUS TIP: If you come across candidates that you like but perhaps aren't suited for that particular position, keep them in mind. Another position may become available or you may have a candidate fall off. It's always nice to have a reserve of candidates to go back to for future reference.

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