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WorkforceONE for Home Health and Hospice

Kendrah Wick
3/5/18, 11:03 AM

healthcare hospice.jpgToday, home health and hospice providers face unique business challenges: Home health and hospice providers are coming under more and more labor compliance scrutiny. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) promises a steep learning curve and a myriad of compliance questions and challenges. At the same time that reimbursement cuts stretch budgets thin, the demand for quality service is increasing. And, of course, retaining and managing qualified staff remains a topmost priority. For organizations managing staff across disparate time and attendance, human resources, payroll, and other workforce management solutions, the challenge can be overwhelming. To deliver quality care and maintain long-term sustainability and profitability, providers must embrace new technologies and adopt a forward-thinking approach to managing all aspects of the employee life-cycle. An approach that increases staff and patient satisfaction, controls labor costs, and provides intuitive, user-friendly workforce management tools. A streamlined, integrated approach that turns your largest controllable expense — your workforce — into your competitive advantage.

A Human Capital Management Solution, like WorkforceONE is equipped to cover all ACA compliance and with other modules, like the Scheduler and performance review features, healthcare providers have ONE database to organize and store their employee data.

This week the ONEMINT blog will be focusing on the advantage of a HCM system within the healthcare industry. Stay tuned for more information on WorkforceONE features and how it can improve the patient and employee experience.


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