ACA Code(s) - Cheat Sheet

ACA Code(s) summaries and descriptions. Quick Reference guide for what they mean and how they are applied.

Line 14: Offer of Coverage Codes

  • Line 14 is used to report whether an offer of coverage was made to an employee. These fields are mostly driven by the Benefit Profile that the employee is tied to. See above settings on how to show when an employee becomes eligible or ineligible for coverage.

Line 15: Employee Required Contributions

  • Line 15 is NOT the amount the employee has paid for medical insurance. Line 15 shows the MINIMUM amount that the employee would pay for a minimum essential coverage plan.
  • Also keep in mind that if the cost of the plan is less than the current year’s percentage of the Federal Poverty Line and your box 14 shows with a 1A, then box 15 may be left blank. Box 15 will also be blank if a minimum essential coverage plan isn’t offered to the employee.

Line 16: Safe Harbor Codes

  • Line 16 shows the data behind coverage itself, either why coverage was/was not offered, but also what safe harbor method was used to determine employee affordability.