Configuring the Start Widget via the START Button

Learning how to configure your start widget will enable your workforce to work quickly and seamlessly

To begin configuration, click the START button in the upper-left corner of your session.

Then click the Settings Gear icon in the upper-right corner (located below the menus.)

Up to ten (10) main categories (Level 1) may be configured, and each main category may contain up to ten (10) menu links (Level 2). You can enter a label of your choosing for each Level 1 item, as well as for the Level 2 menu links added to them

Start Widget Config

To add a menu link, click the Set As External Link (for external URLs) or Set As Internal Link (for menu items within the application) buttons. A Search window will open and will be blank until a search word or phrase is entered. After entering a search word, all menus containing that word will display. Click to select an entry and it will be added.

NOTE: Menus that are not currently supported are: KnowledgePass Links and Applicant Custom Forms.

Start Widget Config 2

After the menu link is added, the system will auto-fill the Label field, but it can be edited to a name of your choosing.

Start Widget Config 3

The up/down arrows may be used to move menu items up and down in the list for both Level 1 and Level 2 entries.