How To Add Mileage Reimbursement to the Timesheet as Piecework and to the Pay Prep Profile

How to add Mileage Reimbursement as piecework to the Timesheet profile and to the Pay Prep profile to calculate amount entered.


  • ONEMINT Timekeeping


  1. Make sure Mileage is set up as a pay category (or any other pay category that will pay out the Piecework entry).
  2. Confirm Rate Table is set up for Mileage Reimbursement and is configured as rate type of "piece", and the rate to apply is entered.
  3. Ensure the Rate Table is assigned to the employee/s.
  4. In the TS profile, under Time Entry Collected Data, enable Piecework, and name the label as needed (Ex: Miles)
  5. Edit settings if the column should be EE viewable/editable.
  6. Add a Record to the Pay Prep profile for Mileage: Calculated Time Entries, Resulting Imported Records Name(Ex: Mileage), Check Export enabled.
  7. Group by Pay Period, enable Pay Category
  8. Under Include/Exclude for Piecework Records, select "Only if Has Value"
  9. Do not clear Piecework or Piece Rate
  10. To test if this is working: go to Manage Payroll > Manage Payrolls > Choose the pay period where the mileage is added, then choose the employee that has mileage entered.
  11. Run the Pay Prep, the View Pay Prep Results for that employee.
  12. Then bring in columns for Piecework, this should display the calculations for the Mileage that was entered into the timesheet.