How To Automatically Pay Salary Employees the Prorated Amount When They are Terminated or Hired in the Middle of a Pay Period

Automatically pay salary employees the prorated amount when they terminate or are hired in the middle of a pay period


  • ONEMINT Payroll

A menu option, Autopay Schedules, is available under Company Settings > Payroll Setup > Autopay Schedules. This feature allows users to create an autopay schedule defining the days of the week and hours per day that a salaried employee works during a regular pay period, which will be used to automatically calculate the prorated earnings for a salaried employee that is hired or terminated in the middle of a pay period.

Users can select Add New to create a new Autopay Schedule, or they can utilize one of the default schedules. Two default schedules, Monday - Friday, 8 hours per day and Monday - Friday, 7.5 hours per day, are available for use.

NOTE: The Autopay Schedule can only be defined for a one-week time frame. The hourly rate used in monthly and semi-monthly pay periods will be a fluctuating rate, based on pay period pay and actual hours in the pay period being pro-rated. The Autopay Schedule can be assigned to employees in the Base Compensation widget under My Employees > Employee Information, on the Main tab. Only employees with an Auto Pay Amount Earning assigned will be considered Salaried for purposes of the Autopay Schedule.

After the configuration is complete, a Pay Statement can be created and the prorated amounts can be verified. A warning message will appear to let users know that the earnings have been prorated, and the message requires sign off.

The Autopay Schedule can be added as a column to import in the Employees import template, and can also be added via Select Columns to the Employee Information report under My Employees > Employee Information.