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How To Create a Supplemental Bonus Payroll in ONEMINT

Create a Supplemental Bonus Payroll.


  • ONEMINT Payroll


  1. Manage Payrolls > View All Payrolls > Payrolls
  2. Click on New Payroll (upper right)
  3. Choose Supplemental Payroll for type
  4. Select type of Pay Statement (usually one is setup for Bonus, or the specific type of payroll that is being run).  Regular can be used as well but, Bonus will have all the exclusions such as No Direct Deposit, No Deductions, etc. 
  5. Select Save
  6. Select the Back Button so you are on the list of All Payrolls
  7. Click the dollar sign of the Supplemental Payroll you are running and open that Payroll.
  8. Open Add/Edit New Pay statements, then click New Pay Statement in the upper right-hand corner.  It will ask for single or multiple employees.  After you pull in the employees, start with the first one on the screen and add in the information.  Use earning code: Bonus, and add in the amount, Save
  9. Preview the Pay Statement to ensure it is accurate.  At the top of the screen, there are right and left arrows so you can continue to the next employee without going out of the Pay Statement edit screen.
  10. View Results, confirm that totals match, then finalize the Payroll.