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How To Send an Email to All Employees in ONEMINT

Need to send an announcement to all employees (e.g. We have gone live with ONEMINT and your accounts are available ...). How to manually generate a one-time email to a group of employees.


  • ONEMINT Payroll
  • ONEMINT Time Keeping


1. Go to Company Settings > Global Setup > Notifications.

2. Click the 'New Notification' icon.

3. In Available Notifications > System Account list select the 'Created' notification.

4. In the 'Recipients Box' select the 'Group' box and press the 'Magnifying Glass' icon.

5. In the 'Groups Lookup' pop-up select the 'All Company Employees' group.

6. Complete the 'Notification Description' and the 'message' boxes.

7. To test this message:

  • Uncheck the 'Group' field and check the 'Email' field
  • If entering your email address for the test, and the email is not assigned to an employee account in the system, then remove any contradictory Conditions like: Employee In: All Accounts
  • Press the 'Send Now' icon. Note: this can take a couple minutes to send.
  • Once you are satisfied the test was successful, In the 'Recipients Box' uncheck the 'Email' field and re-check the 'Group' field.

8. Press the 'Send Now' icon.