How To Set Up Export to Deliver to SFTP Site With Payroll

Deliver export with payroll through Middleware to a SFTP site, Remote file delivery, or delivering file via SFTP


  • ONEMINT Payroll
  • ONEMINT Time & Labor

Adding Device in Middleware

  1. In the Middleware folder, right click on Run Middleware as Application and select run as administrator
  2. The Middleware interface should open. Click on add new device.
  3. Name the device and select type "remote file delivery"
  4. Change the radial to SFTP and fill in the fields for server, username and password.
  5. Click on add device
  6. The device should show in the listing of devices. Check off the box to make the device active.

Configure Delivery Destination

  1. For partners, from the admin level, navigate to maintenance>configuration>delivery destinations
  2. For direct clients, navigate to company settings>payroll set up>delivery desinations
  3. Click add new delivery destination, name it and select type "remote file delivery"
  4. The device you added in Middleware should be available in the MW File Delivery dropdown. Select this and save.

Configure Delivery Policy

  1. For both partners and clients, navigate to company settings>profiles/policies>delivery policies
  2. Click add new delivery policy and select type "Export"
  3. Name it and in the delivery destination, select the destination you configured above.

Configure Export to Deliver

  1. Navigate to company settings>system data exports>data exports
  2. Edit the export you wish to deliver, and check off the box for "deliver with payroll"
  3. Select the delivery policy you configured above and configure the other settings as necessary

Delivering the Export

  1. Exports cannot be manually delivered, so a payroll must be run
  2. When a payroll is processed and the finalize and deliver button is pressed, the export should deliver
  3. To confirm the export delivered successfully, navigate to the delivery destination and click on view history
  4. If the job completed successfully, the status should read as "delivered."