How To Set Up Geo-Fencing for the New Mobile UI in ONEMINT

How to setup Geo-fencing for mobile UI in ONEMINT




  1. Edit: Company > Available Functionality > Enable New UI
  2. Go to: Security Profile > Enable New UI
  3. Go to: Time sheet profile > time sheet profile rule > search for distance rule > on punch check distance > do a rule for both in and out
  4. If using the Default Cost Center for the Check Distance Rule and if there is more than 1 Default Cost Center, ensure the cost centers are set to the correct priority sequence with the Global Setup. 
    • Go to: Company settings > global setup > company setup > company config tab > cost center widget
    • Review settings of each cost center
    • Adjust priority sequence as needed. The priority for the cost center should be 1 for which ever cost center the check distance rule should look at.