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How To Supplement Payroll with Payroll Adjustments to Gross Wage, Gross Subject Wages, and Subject Wages in ONEMINT

Supplemental Payroll with Payroll Adjustments to GW, GSW, and SW


  • ONEMINT Payroll


  1. Go to: Manage Payroll > Manage Payroll > View All Payrolls
  2. Click New Payroll.
  3. Chose Payroll Type: Supplemental
  4. Click Okay.
  5. Fill in the Pay Date desired.
  6. Name should be something easy to remember (e.g., what you did on that Payroll).
  7. Pay Period From and To should be entered.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Go to the Payroll you just created.
  10. Click $.
  11. Click Add/Edit Pay Statements > New Pay Statement
  12. Pick the Employee and Pay Statement Type: Payroll Adjustment
  13. Click Utilities.
  14. Click Tax Overrides (Advanced).
  15. Click Add Tax.
  16. Click the tax you need, then click Add Selected Taxes.
  17. Click the override boxes to be changed.
  18. Correct the taxes, or Gross Wages (GW), Gross Subject Wages (GSW), or Subject Wages (SW).
  19. Click Apply Changes.
  20. Click Leave.
  21. Click Save.
  22. Preview the check if desired.
  23. Close Payroll. 
  24. Finalize Payroll.