Payroll Prep Process

Learn the complete step by step procedure in processing a payroll.

To go to the Payroll Prep Process screen, click on the Dollar/Gear icon ($ - far left) next to a specific payroll. After going to this screen, you will note that there is a listing of all functions related to processing payroll. It is very organized in such a manner that will easily walk you through the payroll processing steps in the correct order. It is important to note that based on a combination of security and the Business Process Steps established in the company setup; the following steps may or may not appear to the user.

The steps that can be included in the Payroll Prep Process screen are outlined in this chapter.

⦁ Go To Time Prep (if using the TLM module)

⦁ Employee Related Functions

⦁ Initiate Payroll

⦁ Import Time (External) and/or Sync Time (if using the TLM module)

⦁ Add/Edit Batches

⦁ Add/Edit Pay Statements

⦁ Sign-Off Open Alerts

⦁ Pre Process Payroll (Close Payroll)

⦁ Check Your Totals

⦁ Run Accruals

⦁ View Payroll

⦁ Submit Payroll

⦁ Finalize Payroll

⦁ Finalize & Delivery Payroll

The following is an example of the Payroll Processing steps within the system. These are the most common steps performed and are organized in the logical processing sequence. The options that appear in the Payroll Prep screen are driven by the Business Process functionality turned on at the Company level. Descriptions of these processes are described below.

PR Prep1

PR Prep2

PR Prep3