Position Hierarchy Chart - Position Management Module

Positions can be viewed in a hierarchical chart

The chart can be accessed under Our Company > Position Hierarchy Chart. Users with Positions page access enabled in their security profiles will be provided with an active link to the positions.

The chart is divided into left and right panes. The left pane displays the organization in a tree hierarchy, while the right pane displays the organization in a graphical format. Each position will display information on the budget and the position assignments. The position label is a hyperlink, and when clicked, will redirect the user to the respective position page.

Position Management Chart

The chart contains multiple settings to control the type of data displayed.

  • Search By Position – If left blank, all positions will display. Otherwise, a position can be selected, and all employees assigned to that position will display in the chart.
  • Reporting – This allows users to select the direct reports, which is a default value.
  • Levels To Display – This option allows users to select number of levels to display for the position below which includes the position selected as the top level. The chart displays three levels by default.
  • Refresh Data – After making filtering choices, this link will update the page and can be clicked any time to refresh data.