What are the benefits of the Position Management tools?

With Position Management, you can easily manage employees with multiple roles. Position Management is most useful for organizations with employees working multiple positions, particularly in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Employees in multiple roles within an organization may require different salary amounts and allowances for different positions. Depending on the accounting structure, this could also lead to dividing the salary cost between departments, cost centers, projects and locations.

With Position Management, you can also reduce the amount of administrative HR tasks. There is no need to manually input details each time an employee comes on board. When a new employee is hired, and Position Management has been set up, only the employee data and the position that the person will hold needs to be entered. In addition, administrators can make mass updates to position-related information rather than make individual changes to each employee. Position templates can be used to reduce manual tasks when creating positions.

With Position Management, you can simplify the relationship between positions, jobs, employees and the organizational structure. Once in place, every position in an organization exists independent of employees, whether it is filled or not. This means recruiters will always know the current staffing levels and the exact number of vacancies at any time so they can hire the right number of people to effectively manage department budgets and labor costs.