What is Position Management?

Position Management is an alternative to a job-based structure. You can create a specific occurrence of a position, which then enables your organization to track the number of openings within that position, monitor headcount and manage budgets.

For example, a hospital may need to hire 4 nurses of varying types (LVN, RN); rather than tracking each job individually, a job of Nurse could be created and then all 4 nursing positions would fall under it. The tools within Position Management allow for separate budgeting of the 4 nursing positions, as well as tracking of the employees assigned to those positions.

Additionally, a reporting hierarchy structure can be established for positions that report to other positions, such as Position A reports to Position B, with definable permissions as to what can be viewed and by whom.

Reporting and tracking of budgeted amounts versus actual is done within the position screen, rather than in a separate report and is updated as positions are filled or vacated.