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A better way to make
data-driven decisions

The ONEMINT and integration gives you an easy way to visualize your workforce data to make strategic decisions and drive business success.


This integration requires the ONEMINT platform. hero illustration

Customer Outcomes:

  • Deploy labor efficiently by avoiding unnecessary overtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Diagnose and prevent turnover by understanding when and why team members leave.
  • Fill talent gaps faster by better anticipating labor gaps and utilizing the best sources for talent.
  • Get ROI on human capital investments by ensuring people investments mean business results.
  • Staff to ensure productivity by avoiding labor gaps through absenteeism and tardy forecasting.
  • Ensure quality & performance by tracking performance review ratings and productivity to ensure high-quality output.
  • Identify areas needing employee engagement by comparing location to location and manager to manager.
  • Make the employee journey efficient & effective by continuing to refine the on-boarding and training process.
  • Manage investments in human capital by using historical trends to guide total rewards planning.
  • Offload compliance & reporting tasks by freeing up key personnel from daily, monthly & quarterly tasks.
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Compare performance by manager, department, location, and more

The Executive Overview dashboard puts all the core business metrics you need in one central location to tie employee information to business results.

See the financial impact of one of your largest business expenses

With the Human Capital Investment dashboard, dig into human capital investment trends and analyze investment costs, finding areas of success and identifying opportunities for better management.

Evaluate hours and align workforce needs with productivity

Use the Workforce Planning dashboard to keep up with staffing patterns across the organization, assess scheduling strategy and evaluate departmental needs.

Determine when and why people leave to reduce turnover

The Talent Overview dashboard helps you as an HR professional understand the distribution of your workforce and evaluate your talent acquisition strategy, allowing you to maintain the talent you have and bring on the right new resources.

Analyze the elements that affect labor expenses the most

With the Time & Labor dashboard, your organization’s line managers can evaluate all of the components related to their labor expenses and analyze the elements that can affect them most.

Evaluate how your compensation strategy impacts talent retention

With the Wage & Benefits dashboard, you will be able to understand if your compensation strategy is fair and if it incentivizes behaviors that drive positive business outcomes.

How does complement ONEMINT?

  • ONEMINT provides customers with a centralized location for all their employee data. With, now you can leverage that data with powerful insights and analytics to help you make critical business decisions.

Common Questions

Can data outside the HCM platform be integrated?

Yes, will accept outside data such as budgets/forecasts, revenue, productivity metrics, goals, etc.

Through our integration, we provide employers better insight into how talent impacts the business by pulling data from payroll, HR and timekeeping systems and creating dashboards, visuals and KPIs.

How do I drill into the data? is built to slice and dice customer data quickly and easily with the filter panel. The filter panel automatically aligns with the customers' HCM platform. No matter if the user has locations, product lines, or departments tracked in the platform, they will be presented with a dynamic filter set that is responsive to user selections in the dashboards.

Who can see the dashboards?

Provision access to the right people across your organization. user management is simple. Quickly select which employees should see certain dashboards or data.

Are the dashboards customizable? has created a suite of “out-of-the-box” dashboards.

The dashboards are organized based on best practices and automatically align to the customer's HCM platform instance. For example, if a hospitality customer has their various restaurants set up as cost centers, they would see them as a filter option.

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