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Avoid the hassle of managing employee retirement elections 

Plan sponsors seeking ease and simplicity when it comes to payroll should consider the fully integrated (360) solution from ONEMINT & Transamerica


This integration requires the ONEMINT platform.

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Simplify the payroll process

PayStart 360 offers many benefits to plan sponsors, including:

Automated contribution submissions

PayStart 360 gives you more time to focus on your business by eliminating the need to submit contribution files.

Accelerated contribution processing

Contributions are posted immediately after the pay date, reducing the number of participant inquiries.

Fewer errors

Transamerica receives payroll data directly and electronically from ONEMINT, reducing potential data transcription errors.

Automate ALL employee election data

Both contribution files and feedback files are seamlessly sent back and forth between ONEMINT and Transamerica each payroll. 

How PayStart 360 works

In a traditional payroll process, the plan sponsor uses data from ONEMINT to create a separate file to send to its 401(k) provider. PayStart 360 helps simplify this time-consuming and tedious process.

Transamerica tracks certain participant initiated changes on an ongoing basis, then sends the data to ONEMINT.
Participant contribution data is sent directly from ONEMINT to Transamerica.
Transamerica posts the file for review and sends an alert to the plan sponsor or any designated payroll contact.
The plan sponsor has the choice to complete the submission by simply verifying and approving the data through our secure website, or to use Transamerica’s proprietary Automated Approval process.

Introducing Automated Approvals

With Transamerica’s new Automated Approval service, plan sponsors can choose to have Transamerica process payroll files, in good order, on their behalf. Plan sponsor involvement is needed only when there’s an issue with the data received from ONEMINT.

Why Transamerica?

Transamerica is one of the largest and most reputable recordkeeping firms in the country. Our integration and technology teams have worked tirelessly to build and test this seamless automation in order to deliver an incredible software and service to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the integration take to go live?
The integration is built between the ONEMINT and Transamerica system. However, each client's files are extensively tested before going live to ensure accuracy. Typically testing period can take up to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of company structure
What if my current record keeper is not Transamerica?
Transamerica has a dedicated conversion team whose sole responsibility is to quickly and seamlessly convert retirement plans onto the Transamerica platform. Once converted, we begin testing the data files to go live with your 360 integration.
Why did ONEMINT choose Transamerica for this integration?
We are very selective on which partners they work with. Transamerica aligned with us not only from a technology and integration ability perspective but also from a client services perspective. We are honored to call them our partners and excited to show you the value of this integration.

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