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Payroll ManageMINT the way it was meant to be!

Experience a unique, robust web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.

Our payroll system has been developed to be both easy to use and intuitive for a range of basic and complex scenarios. By performing calculations as you go, along with generating a complete set of more than 60 exportable reports, you’re able to monitor payroll in real time while eliminating the lengthy task of traditional pre-processing. When accuracy counts most, a robust tax engine handles time-consuming tasks, offering automated multistate and reciprocity calculations while a local tax jurisdiction locator suggests applicable taxes.

Self-service functionality takes the application one step further by empowering your employees to manage several of their payroll-related tasks, such as direct deposit accounts and tax information.

ONEMINT, WorkforceONE Payroll, Bellevue, WA

Control every step of your payroll process for better results.

With ONEMINT™ WorkforceONE™ Payroll, you’re in complete control. No more time lost submitting work to a service bureau and waiting for them to check it. You can process payroll on your own schedule and complete special check runs such as commissions or bonuses without worrying about extra charges. And you get the flexibility to complete as many separate payroll runs as you need.

ONEMINT, WorkforceONE Payroll, Bellevue, WA

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Get the information you need — when you need it.

All payroll data is readily available through intuitive, highly configurable standard and ad-hoc reporting. Built-in tools make it simple to modify standard reports and to sort, group, filter, or customize report content for any time period. And Perfect Paycheck Analysis helps ensure calculation of the perfect paycheck while offering insights to inform next year’s budget planning.

ONEMINT, WorkforceONE Payroll, Bellevue, WA

Manage payroll complexity and make changes with ease ...

Easily manage and modify deduction and earning codes, direct deposits, tax jurisdictions, and other payroll elements so payments always reflect the latest information. View and edit employee payroll information individually or as a group using the mass edit feature. Change rates at any time during the pay period. And process employee wage garnishments with optimal timeliness and efficiency.

ONEMINT, WorkforceONE Payroll, Bellevue, WA

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What our clients say ...

"Phenomenal HR/Payroll System, Even Better Support — This satisfies all of our HR, Payroll, and Recruitment needs. Everything is automated, the workflow is intuitive, the support team has walked us through every step. I could not recommend a better piece of software to make our HR processes effortlessly consistent."

Tim Oten

General Manager - Chukar Cherries

"My go to for HR Payroll and all things Business OneMint WorkforceONE — WorkForceONE is the total package for all my business needs. The staff are great, courteous and always prepared with the answers I need when I call, not in an hour or a day but immediately."

Dana Perez

Operations Manager - Ailero Management