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ONE System

One means One. Not integrated, not a roll-up of technology. It's a true single database.


Our cloud-based delivery model allows for the system to be available anywhere and anytime. System updates are automatically pushed to you.


Ensure that strategy and operations are in lock step, or adjust accordingly before its too late.


Workflows, rules provisioning and process design automate costly manual workloads.


Today's business and workforce is on the move, don't be held back by a system that can't go where you go.

Data First

The most successful businesses in the world demand data driven decisions. The right data, to the right person, at the right time.

ONE System

With data stored in a single, central location, get data-driven insights across your entire workforce and business functions. On average our customers experience a 30%-40% ROI on labor costs alone by moving to a single system. 

hcm time management dashboard screen

Built For the Modern Workforce

Business's are moving faster than ever and so is their workforce. You need a system that can keep your workforce efficient, mobile and focused on what you hired them to do. Restrictive system, manual process, and lack of structure can be the largest limiting factor to a organizations ability to grow. 

hcm compensation dashboard screen for workforce

Data Driven Decisions

Take the guess work out of strategic decisions and let our real-time insights provide you with the confidence that your decisions are the correct ones. One of the largest differentiation in the modern economy is the ability to obtain, analyze and take action on data. Don't be held back by your current system's inability to provide valued insights.

hcm job application dashboard

Complete Control

With ONEMINT, you choose Who, How, When and Where. Who has access to do what. How they do what they are supposed to do. When they are allowed to do it. Where they are allowed to do it. Empower your leaders and managers to spend less time worried about these variables and more time on strategic initiatives that exponentially move your organization forward. 

Cloud Based HCM

One platform, many uses


Time and labor data is seamlessly sitting in payroll to be paid upon. Continuously calculate net pay as many times as needed, make last minute payroll edits directly into the payroll process. 



Get a single, and complete record for all employees. Automate tasks, create checklists and workflows, take your department 100% paperless, making HR easier and more productive than ever before.



Benefits are important for your employees, so make the process easier – from open enrollment to life-change event management and administration, all with guided support.


Workforce Management

Manage your workforce, increase operational efficiency and help improve compliance with a proactive system rather than a reactive process.


Talent Management

Attract, engage, develop, and motivate your workforce with ONEMINT Talent Management – a holistic talent experience centered on the individual.



We're more than a technology provider. We take a holistic approach to the services that we offer to our clients.

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