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One unified cloud platform to help you manage your entire workforce.

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Gain Insights & Control

Improve Decision Making

Configurable dashboards and reports provide real-time access to accurate, consistent employee data, giving you the organization-wide visibility and insight needed to drive better decision making.

HR Dashboard

Streamline HR Processes

A paperless system eliminates duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks so you can focus on your people. A single employee record across the ONEMINT system puts all details about your people in one place. From Hire to Retire, the power is at your fingertips.

HR Benefit Census Report

Empower Employees and Managers

Role-based self-service lets employees and managers view and update information at their convenience. And real-time access to consistent, up-to-date personnel information helps organizations improve the employee experience and drive engagement.

HR Empower Employees


A successful onboarding process helps new hires feel welcome and become effective contributors as quickly as possible.


Create robust reports to better understand your workforce and help executive teams make more informed decisions. 

Employee Management

With a system’s single employee record, our HR module lets you store and track all employee information from one location. 


Get at-a-glance visibility into key hiring metrics as well as other strategic insights.

Position Management 

Create and modify jobs and pay grades to simplify tracking and managing the movement of your employees within your company. 


Let employees access and update their own personal data, freeing time for HR admins to focus on strategic objectives.


Stay ahead of compliance with the tools, visibility, and reporting you need to avoid costly fines and litigation.

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