Required Rest Period Best Practices

With the ONEMINT attestation tool kit, both managers and employees have the tools they need to foster healthcare labor compliance with state, local, union, and organization policies on meal and rest breaks.

Our tool provides a range of benefits:

  • Employee breaks are properly documented and warnings are generated when breaks are not met
  • Automated payroll action includes payment for missed break(s)
  • Analysis of missed break costs is automatically calculated
  • And more

Rest Break Attestation - Required Rest Period Best Practices

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How our attestation tool supports rest break compliance:
Break Compliance

Shows at a glance how employees have answered the break question and calculates the percentage of missing breaks.

Detailed Compliance Reports

Show every question and answer, as well as the time it took for the employee to answer each question. Punch restrictions also can be recorded.

Summary Reports

Show the questions and answers with the counts and ratios of responses, allowing managers to act as trends arise.

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